Transformational Production Solutions

Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning

iniTECH can help turn goals or strategic thinking into an execution plan with financial milestones and a closed-loop Think > Plan > Act > Learn > Think cycles as a preamble for Master Plan


 The ever evolving scenarios created from constantly changing demands within the Flavors, Foods, and Fragrance industry require agile responses to maintain high levels of Customer Satisfaction and peace-of-mind. Whether you are among iniTECH’s Top 10 multinational customers or a Small to Medium Enterprise undergoing regular explosions of growth, a Master Plan is the roadmap that provides the agility required to respond to such a dynamic environment. It enables successful advancement of your current site or successful implementation of a new one. Master Plans are reviewed and updated annually to ensure the path forward aligns with your future needs.


iniTECH’s proprietary algorithms have been developed over the last 20 years and are regularly updated to reflect the latest trends in the Flavor and Fragrance industry. Utilizing your historical data, we are able to confidently project the expected throughput for your facility 3, 5, or even 10 years into the future. This information allows us to identify which solutions provide the most leverage and sequence solution implementations to maximize the return on your investment.

Lean Manufacturing

 Lean Methodology

iniTECH Engineers review existing processes and infrastructure to understand the current state of production. Every process from the receipt of raw materials through the shipping of finished goods is analyzed. From the information gathered, a path forward is created that reduces non-value-added activities by incorporating the latest available technologies and proven lean manufacturing techniques.

 iniTECH Engineers have over 20 years of experience analyzing processes and eliminating process waste in Flavor, Food, and Fragrance manufacturing sites. Our proprietary tools used for Present State vs. Future State analysis highlight areas viable for change. Combining our analysis with our experience, we provide a plan to optimize processes to increase productivity.

Plant Design

Our capabilities aren’t limited to providing solutions for one workstation or area at a time. iniTECH can design and build entire Flavor and Fragrance facilities based on your company’s needs. Following the iniTECH way and our Engineering Design process, we are able to provide end to end design and build services for projects of any size.

Innovative Solutions

Extensive years of experience means iniTECH Engineers have encountered and dealt with many PROBLEMS on the shop floors in Flavor, Food and Fragrance manufacturing sites.

This has led to SOLUTIONS that have not always existed, so they were created. Examples include the following proprietary answers to known problems



Packing small to medium sized mobile production vessels into shippable containers is one of the least ergonomically friendly and least efficient processes in Flavor and Fragrance manufacturing. The shape and size of the production vessels create an ergonomic nightmare. Operators have to bend or lean over to reach the manual valve that controls the flow of material from the production vessel into the shippable containers. Once a shipping container is filled, the operator bends down with a manual torque wrench to place and tighten the container bung. Next the operator typically picks up the container, labels it, and places it on a pallet or puts it in an area where it will be transported to the shipping area or a warehouse location. These processes are repeat constantly, increasing both the opportunity for safety issues from all the bending and lifting and quality defects like mis-labeled containers or cross-threaded and leaky bung caps.


The NOS SAT-Pack is iniTECH’s solution to these challenges. Designed from the bottom, the NOS SAT-Pack considers every step and challenge of the packing process. Contact us to find out more about the NOS-SAT Pack and our other proprietary solutions.

C1D1 Printers


Good manufacturing practices has two main requirements for labels: they are not to be created in advance and there are to be no unlabeled containers on the shop floor. For Class 1 Division 1 environments, it was not possible to have a printer in the production environment requiring operators to print labels in advance, typically at the beginning of a shift. The pre-printing of labels leads to potential mislabeled product from labels accidentally being applied to the wrong shipping container.


iniTECH has created the first Class-1 Division-1 printing system that can print labels at the time of packing. Contact us to find out more about or Class-1 Division-1 printing solutions.

Mini-Beer Taps


Material movements are one of the major wastes contributing to process inefficiencies. While automated solutions can reduce the number of material movements required, the cost to implement automation is prohibitive for less frequently utilized materials resulting in a continued need to transport inventory from a storage or warehouse location to its consumption location in production. Most solutions implemented to keep these non-automated materials in a production area have been rudimentary, consisting of a storage rack and a manual plastic ball valve or worse; a plastic hand pump. These solutions lead to potential quality issues and wasted materials through their inability to dose precise quantities and their tendency to leak.


iniTECH has designed a world class solution for this need in the F&F industry. Utilizing our mini-valve design with rigorously tested flex hose connections, our mini-Beer Taps are able to withstand and precisely dispense a wide range of aggressive chemical products. Contact us to find out more about our Mini-Beer Tap solution.