Engineering Design

iniTECH’s team of engineers, analysts, and programmers have provided solutions ranging from the installation of a single control valve all the way up to the implementation of fully operational flavor and fragrance manufacturing facilities. No matter what the scope of your project, our team will follow the same Engineering Design process. The five phases of iniTECH’s engineering process are Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Pre-Construction Design, Construction Ready Design, and As-Built Design. Provided below are descriptions of these phases and the typical deliverables your team will receive at each phase’s completion. Contact us to find out more about our engineering process and services.

  • Data Analysis - Feasibility
  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Construction Ready
  • Post-Construction As-Built Documents

The first phase of all iniTECH engineering projects is the pre-design phase. During this time, iniTECH’s team of business analysts and engineers review your processes, analyze data, and perform interviews with key stakeholders to develop an initial project scope based on your business needs. We also provide an agnostic evaluation of current process efficiency and equipment utilization in order to make recommendations based on available horizontal and vertical space. These suggestions can be executed via plant design, updated agnostic equipment networks, rerouted foot traffic, automated execution systems and much more.


Further, our pioneering in-house artificial intelligence tool – the iniTECH AI Data Analysis Tool – delineates massive amounts of data to aid in cost-effective, lean-forward decision making. It does this by utilizing over 25 years of industry experience and data points specific to the manufacturing world. iniTECH AI can gather comprehensive customer data — such as existing workflow, pour data, flash points, inventory replenishment, throughput, equipment usage, etc — to analyze and optimize production processes. Our AI tool is constantly gathering information and improving its calculations and agnostic recommendations for robotics, compounding stations, manufacturing practices, along with foot and forklift traffic routing.


Some of the key design details are:

  • Executive Scorecards of proposed solution packages
  • Conceptual 2D drawings
  • +/-35% Project Costs for the proposed solution
  • +50/-35% Timeline
  • Initial Solution Designs in Visio

In the Schematic Design phase, the project becomes more focused. Solution packages that are selected for further development are enhanced to improve the accuracy of the budget, timeline, and scope to +/-20%. Additionally, this phase begins the creation of the project management documentation that will be used to execute the project. You will also receive initial CAD P&ID files for solution packages including cabinet drawings.


Conceptual 3D modeling is a key part of our engineering philosophy during this phase of the project. We find that customers have a far deeper understanding of what we offer and how it will increase their efficiency when they can explore highly detailed 3D model layouts of their existing or new facilities. These models provide the ability to drag and drop equipment that fits individual size constraints, while exploring lean designs that efficiently utilize vertical space. Locations of major equipment installations and layouts are visualized and agreed upon in this phase. For decades, our work on hundreds of unique projects has allowed us to accrue an enormous library of 3D models and data points to draw on. iniTECH AI harnesses the power of this data pool by utilizing historically relevant evidence to safeguard future projects from day one. Layout and equipment staging can be implemented to assure our customers stay ahead of their growth curve, while lean manufacturing processes are configured across milestones from 1, 3, 5, and 10 years along the optimization process.


  • Updated Executive Scorecards
  • Enhanced 3D designs
  • +/-30% Project Costs for the proposed solution
  • +35/-20% Timeline
  • CAD P&ID’s equipment
  • Cabinet Design Drawings
  • Initial I/O count
  • User Requirements Specification
  • 3D modeling for conflict prevention and resolution

The Pre-Construction phase is where all selected work packages are optimized. iniTECH and your stakeholders will collaborate to determine what the best solution package is for your team’s needs. This is the final iteration before the documentation is ready for execution (construction ready).


  • Finalized Executive Scorecards
  • Approval Ready 3D designs
  • +/-15% Project costs for the proposed solution
  • +/- 5% Timeline
  • Approval Ready CAD P&ID’s
  • Approval Ready Cabinet Design Drawings
  • Final I/O Count
  • Detailed Functional Specification

The Construction Ready Design phase is when all documentation is reviewed and approved. After the completion of the Construction Ready Design phase activities, the scope, schedule, and budget are completely defined and ready for execution.


  • Construction Ready 3D Design
  • Final Project Costs
  • Executable Project Schedule
  • Construction Ready CAD P&ID’s
  • Construction Ready Cabinet Drawings
  • Transition Plan
  • Contingency Plan
  • Cost estimation to mid-point of construction
  • PE Drawing approval for tanks
  • NFPA 30 & NFPA 70 Compliance documents
  • 5S Signage

While the equipment is installed and construction is executed, iniTECH’s team will continuously update the construction-ready documentation with any changes to reflect the project as it was built. These as-built drawings will be provided to your team for your records.


  • As-built 3D Design
  • As-built CAD P&ID’s
  • As-built Cabinet Drawings
  • Training
  • O&M
  • Warranties/Guarantees
  • Commissioning
  • Hyper Care

An Example

  • If a PD pump is added to a bulk storage tank in the conceptual design phase.
    • A PD pump is then added to the Conceptual 3D drawings.
    • A budgetary cost for the PD pump and corresponding components are added to the budget.
  • If the pump is added in the CD phase, the following is a partial example of what may be needed:
    • Update the P&ID
    • Update the I/O list
    • Update instrument list
    • Update point to point drawings
    • Update panel drawings
    • Update PLC code
    • Update the HMI code
    • Update the scope of supply for the mechanical contractor
    • Update the scope of supply for the electrical contractor
    • Update the code compliance documents (CIDI & CIDII)
    • Update SOPs
    • Update URS
    • Update user manuals
    • Update DFS

Depending on the project’s scale, the Conceptual or Pre-design phase may be skipped altogether, and sometimes SD is combined with DD.


iniTECH has developed a global network of fabrication partners capable of bringing our engineering designs to life. Our partners offer access to comprehensive machine shops capable of manufacturing custom stainless steel solutions for applications in the Flavor and Fragrance industries. Our partnerships provide us with flexibility and agility to effectively execute complex engineering projects on time and on budget.


Integrated Automated Solutions

Since 1998 iniTECH has been providing integrated automated solutions to the Flavor and Fragrance industry. Our team of expert programmers has experience with Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE, Schneider, and other top PLC brands. Every automation solution is a product of a cross-functional collaboration among your project team and our team of process engineers, lean experts, data scientists, and expert programmers. We can help you redesign and improve upon existing automation or propose and implement completely new automated solutions to improve your production processes and increase visibility to real-time process metrics through integrated reporting tools.

  • Integrated data collection

  • Demo Environment for Testing and Training

  • BatchMetrics advanced reporting capabilities

  • Robot Integration

  • Automated Warehouse/ AGV Integration

  • Training Document Generation

  • On-Site Startup support


Mobile Carts

Introducing the world’s first mobile weigh carts, designed specifically for the flavor and fragrance industries.

The designing of our mobile weighing carts involved the collaboration of multiple ideas and details. With features like easy cleaning, changeable scale configurations, and the ability to work in Class I Div I areas, these mobile carts possess the ability to adapt to your company’s unique needs.

Features and Benefits

  • The mobile cart has a stainless steel construction.

  • It is a seamless design which prevents material to deposit or build up, making it designed to be washed down.

  • It has lockable swivel polyurethane wheels and stainless steel bearings

  • C1D1 Certified Cart

  • General purpose Cart

  • On/ off charge switch

  • Quick disconnect charging port

  • 16 hours of battery life

  • Built in battery charger

  • Built in pure Sinewave power inverter

  • Built in wireless barcode scanner

  • Built in Wi-Fi

  • Swivel mounted stainless steel 17″ touchscreen

  • Industrial grade computer: can be preloading with BatchMetrics manual weighing software

  • Can be designed to directly connect to your ERP, MES, or inventory system

  • Removable access panel to access all electronics

  • Built in Mettler Toledo scales, either single or dual available

  • Quick disconnect for scale cleaning

  • Teflon shielding on scale cord to reduce chemical contamination

  • Scale feet are raised scale supports so the scale doesn’t sit in any chemicals

  • Available in class 1 division 1 design

  • If 24.7 use is required there is a quick replacement of battery

  • Disposable cup holder

We also have quite a few F&F designed hardware options.

Workstation Peripherals

  • BatchMetrics certified Commercial grade touchscreen computer workstations
  • C1D1/ZONE 1 or C1D2/Zone 2 printers – We are applying for a patent for this design
  • C1D1/ZONE 1 or C1D2/Zone 2 computer workstations
  • BatchMetrics certified C1D1/ZONE 1 or C1D2/Zone 2 scanners
  • BatchMetrics certified C1D1/ZONE 1 or C1D2/Zone 2 tablets
  • PDA scanners
  • Stainless Steel tablet wall mounts
  • Stainless Steel tablet swivel mounts
  • Spiderman scanners
  • Long-range scanners
  • BatchMetrics certified Forklift tablets
  • 5S signage

Storage Solutions

  • Dip tubes designed to prevent product left in the drum which results in the drum being picked up to pour out the remaining product, or leaking of product or the nitrogen blanket
  • Fully automated bulk storage design, system, or turnkey
  • Nitrogen blanketing systems
  • Specialized radar level sensors
  • Replenishment panels
  • Highly utilized storage vessels – demand dictated storage vessels
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Totes with level and Nitrogen blanket
  • Tank Manifolds

Packing Solutions

  • NOS (Nimble Output System) FAT-Pack Fully-automatic filling system
  • NOS SAT-Pack Semi-automatic filling system (Patent Pending Design)
    Key Features:

    • Automated pours
    • Fixed Y Axis capper, X & Z have full movement
    • BatchMetrics packout software on a fixed workstation
    • Automated label printing in real-time
    • Ergonomic design for operator
    • Preload feed space
    • Single pallet location for jerry cans
    • C1D1, C1D2, Zone1, Zone 2 or General Purpose
  • NOS MAT-Pack Manual pack out
  • Capper w/ full x and z movement, and fixed y to prevent cross-threading

Manufacturing Solutions

  • C1D1/ZONE 1 or C1D2/Zone 2 certified mobile carts
  • Bier garden C1D1/Zone 1 or C1D2/Zone 2 optimized dispensing center
  • Mobile carts for large pots 300L – 400L
  • Mobile carts mixed sizes 10g – 60kg
  • Pallet jacks mobile carts
  • PC Load Carrousel – A Lazy Susan approach to the small pours that do not make it onto the robot. Expected pour output 250-400/shift
  • Beer tap valves
  • Mini Pistol Grip Valves for laydown racks
  • Fully automated large mix tanks design, system, or turnkey. Standalone or part of NOS
  • Fully automated medium mix tanks design, system, or turnkey. Standalone or part of NOS
  • Fully automated small mix tanks. Standalone or part of NOS
  • Portable tanks
  • Mobile cart with portable tank
  • Bier garden C1D1 optimized dispensing center
  • Mini & Full size cluster
  • Heated beer taps
  • Rolling mix tanks & lifts
  • Mix stations
  • Cleaning stations