Initech carries a complete line of industrial workstations.

PC-EX is a PC operator terminal for the most challenging control and visualization tasks in hazardous areas (Zones 1, 2 and 22). It is an industry standard local visualization solution for the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, e.g. for process control systems.

In the iPC-EX solution, only the operator control and monitoring elements (monitor, keyboard and mouse) are actually located in the hazardous area, while the PC is installed up to 1000 meters away in the safe area (well outside the danger zone). The PC hardware can be replaced (or the software updated) quickly, easily and without any restrictions, from the comfort of the safe area. Since the iPC-EX system accesses the standard PS/2 ports on the PC for the keyboard and mouse, as well as the VGA output, any IBM-compatible PC can be used.

Industrial Workstation
Workstation in Action
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