Core Competency

Flavor & Fragrance Expertise

8 of the TOP 10 F&F companies have trusted iniTECH

to work on their projects as well as P&G, Mondelez, ADM, Kerry, Revlon, ConAgra Foods and many other small and mid-sized F&F companies

The Start

iniTECH has a 20 year history of working exclusively on the shop floors of the flavor and fragrance industry. From the start we knew we couldn’t provide every solution for every customer in every market. We chose to differentiate ourselves by focusing on providing the best solutions to meet the unique and challenging demands of Flavor and Fragrance production. Because of this focus, we have been able to achieve success with our partners by providing them with solutions that have generated over $100M in savings. Today we provide services to 8 of the 10 largest Flavor and Fragrance houses in the world and are responsible for the execution of over 1 billion process transactions. At the core of our success is the BatchMetrics MES: the world’s only Manufacturing Execution System (MES) specifically designed for the Flavor and Fragrance industry.


As our partnerships grew, we knew we could do more. BatchMetrics is not your everyday MES. BatchMetrics was designed to take full advantage of the latest technologies available for collecting not only transactional information but also device information. The statistics generated from the BatchMetrics database allow for more effective decision making in the selection of process improvements and capital investments. We integrate directly with shop floor equipment to capture the data that enable us to establish baseline process metrics and quantify improvements from implemented process changes. Through many BatchMetrics and Automation implementations we developed a deep understanding of Flavor and Fragrance manufacturing processes; the common bottlenecks and non-value added activities associated with them; and the process changes and equipment that can optimize a facility. We built a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the Flavor and Fragrance industry and evolved from a software provider to a lean manufacturing partner for process and site design solutions.

Process and Site Design

Our understanding of the systematic processes as well as the operations processes on the shop floor enable us to provide best in class designs for Flavor and Fragrance production processes and facilities. Utilizing proprietary algorithms that have been developed over the last 20 years, iniTECH thoroughly analyzes your production data to provide insight into process inefficiencies. Applying Lean Manufacturing ideas, we eliminate wasteful steps to optimize processes and provide justification for changes that will increase production throughput and decrease the dependency on inflated inventory levels. Our analyses and process design capabilities can help you get the most out of your current or newly designed facility.


As Henry Ford once said “If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.” At iniTECH we never shy away from a solution just because it hasn’t been done before. We have implemented over 350 solutions across 5 continents. The experience from these projects enabled us to identify persistent pain points common throughout our partners’ manufacturing processes. Our tenacity in resolving these production issues resulted in the development of the world’s only Class-1 Division-1 mobile compounding cart, the only Class-1 Division-1 printing solution, and the Nimble Output System (NOS) focused on increasing site throughput by de-bottlenecking packing processes for production orders of all sizes. Experience the iniTECH difference and get more out of your site than you ever thought possible.

iniTECH Today

Today iniTECH offers a range of services from equipment selection through greenfield site design and build projects. Our unique path has enabled us to become experts in delivering the best possible solution for your Flavor and Fragrance manufacturing needs. We believe in continuous improvement and aim to be your partner of choice for future projects.

The iniTECH Way

30 Minute Capabilities Discussion:

Whether you found us through our website, at an industry event, or by word of mouth, the iniTECH Way always begins with a 30-minute phone call or an on-site meeting. The goal of this first discussion is for us to better understand your needs and to help you better understand our capabilities.

½ Day Site Visit:

After our initial discussion, it’s time to get a better view of your process through a ½ Day Site Visit. There are similarities between processes, but each site is unique and each iniTECH solution is catered to the specific demands of the site.

Data Acquisition and Analysis:

The next piece of the puzzle is analyzing your production data. Our analytics department has a deep understanding of Flavor and Fragrance manufacturing processes from the cradle to the grave. Utilizing this knowledge and applying algorithms that have been developed over the past 20 years, iniTECH is able to generate process insights that are crucial to the path to success. This is our strength, our passion, and our differentiating factor: we are the best solutions provider for Flavors and Fragrances manufacturing processes.

Solutions Presentation:

This part of the iniTECH way is where the essential decision is made on what direction to head. Will a new MES help provide site wide process improvements? Would new equipment eliminate production bottlenecks? Can process controls and reporting give you more visibility and control over your production processes? Once the potential solutions are shared, you determine the path to take that will most benefit your manufacturing needs.

Project Plan:

iniTECH project managers are involved at every step of the iniTECH way, but this is where they take over. With the solution selected, the iniTECH project manager will hold a kick-off meeting with your team of stakeholders to review and refine the project scope and develop the project plan.

Project Execution:

Throughout the project, your iniTECH project manager will promote communications and maintain documentation to ensure the implementation of your solution is a success. He/She will execute against the agreed-upon scope and project plan. Monthly progress reports will be provided to show the project’s current completion status in terms of deliverables and financials.

Project Closing:

By definition, projects are temporary endeavors. As the end of your project approaches, your iniTECH project manager will provide the list of delivered services that satisfy the agreed-upon scope of work. The project will be closed when the agreed-upon scope of work has been delivered.

Project Review:

Though projects are temporary, our relationship with you and your team is not. After the project is closed, we will hold a review meeting to discuss how the project was run and discuss potential opportunities to improve the iniTECH way. We believe in continuous improvement and are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

Why iniTECH?

There are many reasons to trust iniTECH!

iniTECH’s greatest strength and competitive advantage is its understanding of the challenges and needs of manufacturing processes in the Flavor and Fragrance industry. iniTECH was founded on the idea that it’s better to be the best solutions provider in one market than an average solutions provider in many markets. When we assist in your improvement project, we bring 20 years of experience developing integrated solutions specifically designed for the needs of the Flavor and Fragrance industry. No other group has concentrated their efforts the way we have for Flavors and Fragrances and our dedication to maintaining our focus has provided our customers with exceptional solutions and our company with success. We look forward to maintaining this focus in the years to come.

  • Focused on the Flavor and Fragrance market
  • 20 years of experience providing integrated solutions
  • Customer-first mentality
  • Global presence
  • Cutting edge solutions

iniTECH is the only Engineering firm exclusively dedicated to the Flavor & Fragrance and Food industries. Whether the project involves adding BatchMetrics MES software to enhance plant throughput or optimizing your shop floor with hardware and fabrication, iniTECH has the experience.

Experience matters when your business is on the line

A Top-10 Fragrance house who underwent back-to-back years of explosive growth was in desperate need to expand production capacity in very tight quarters. The project had been delayed for years for fear of disrupting existing business needs. Enter iniTECH, where Engineers created a plan for a fully automated mixing multi-tank skid. By building the skid off-site and the customer vetting it at the remote manufacturing location, iniTECH Engineers and partners installed and retested the automated multi-tank skid over a three-day week-end. This resulted in no disruption to regular production activities. Effectively, personnel went home for the holiday week-end returning to a fully functional automated multi-tank skid, thereby multiplying capacity and throughput.

Success Stories

A iniTECH Comax Flavors Case Study

Here are the customers that trust us to deliver results!

  • Abel & Schafer
  • Aromatic Inovations
  • ADM
  • Arylessence
  • Aurochemicals
  • Agilex
  • Ascent Aromatics
  • AAK
  • Belle-aire
  • Blue Mountain Flavors
  • Bedoukian
  • Bio-Botanical
  • Belmay
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Citroil
  • Citromax
  • Citrus and Allied
  • Comax

  • Cosmo Fragrances
  • CPL Aromas
  • Cargil
  • Cambridge
  • Caravan Ingredients
  • ConAgra
  • ColorStreet
  • David Michael
  • Dupont
  • Edlong
  • Flavor Insights
  • Firmenich
  • Flavor Producers
  • Flavorman
  • FONA
  • Fragrance Resources
  • FFS
  • Givaudan

  • Green Line Botanical
  • International Aromatics
  • IFF
  • IMTT
  • Incoco
  • KDC/Kolmar
  • Kerry Ingredients and Flavors
  • Lucta
  • Lebermuth
  • Mane
  • Medtronic
  • Mondelez
  • McCormick
  • Nice-Pak PDI
  • NJIT
  • National Flavors
  • Phonix
  • Parento

  • PPG
  • P&G
  • Payan Bertran
  • Robertet
  • Revlon
  • Sozio
  • Spray-Tek
  • Symrise
  • Takasago
  • T Hasegawa
  • Tropicana
  • TIC Gums
  • Trilogy
  • Ungerer
  • Unimin
  • Vigon
  • Virginia Dare
  • Wild Flavors