For optimum market and manufacturing responsiveness in the flavor, fragrance, and beauty care industries the intelligent solution is BatchMetrics.

BatchMetrics is more than a software product; it’s a solution specifically designed for the flavor, fragrance, and beauty care industries. BatchMetrics is able to electronically integrate information from manufacturing environments and creative labs, exponentially improving efficiency. Instead of multiple layers that partially communicate with each other, BatchMetrics electronically connects the supplier, internal supply chain, and customer in one intuitive system.

BatchMetrics is not a reporting level; it is a fully integrating internal supply chain solution linking creation, regulatory, and ERP. Its digital formulation controls and reports every touch point from the time the batch is released to when it is shipped out the door.

How is BatchMetrics different from other software solutions? We are the only software suite that is specifically designed for the flavor, fragrance, and beauty care industries. As opposed to other software solutions which force customers to adapt to their pre-made programs, we customize our software for each customer in order to fit the customer’s specific needs. Thus, we do not require our customers to adapt to our software. Rather, we adjust to adapt to each customers’ needs. We understand standard operating procedures and flow on the plant floor, as well as how to comply with the new Food Safety Modernization Act.

Lecron is a results orientated company focusing on the flavor and fragrance industry who has the capabilities of addresses the requirements of each individual company. They also focus on industry needs so we can address the needs of our customers in a timely fashion.

Joe Piazza, Comax Flavors

Lecron is a true partner in providing MES solutions in the Flavors Industry. They have partnered up with the best-in-class software, hardware, robotic and engineering firms to provide the supply chain solutions that drive efficiency, quality, and velocity to make our operations best-in-class.

Bobby Mason, Cargill
Your lightning speed response (that too on a Sunday night) is much appreciated and thanks for your commitment to notifying us with any of the updates. We continue to get this sort of response from Gery and is absolutely fantastic!
Yogesh Gondhalekar, Procter & Gamble
BatchMetrics has enabled Robertet to connect all of its work processes. Lecron strives to adapt BatchMetrics to meet our needs rather than having to adapt our needs to the structure of the system. Many of the tools we needed for our Flavors and Fragrance plants are already built into BatchMetrics. We appreciated their hard work and integrity and would strongly recommend BatchMetrics and the Lecron team.
Joseph J. Rainone, Robertet Flavors
BatchMetrics software has provided us with a powerful tailored industry-specific production management tool that can deliver all of the data & controls we require, while Lecron has supported the specification, modification, implementation & roll-out into our factory, being available to us at all hours regardless of the time differences. We have been working with Rich & Gery for over 2 years and have always found them to be responsive, innovative and accommodating. We can thoroughly recommend both the BatchMetrics software & Lecron personnel.
Ian Tate, Takasago USA