For optimum market and manufacturing responsiveness in the flavor, fragrance, and beauty care industries the intelligent solution is BatchMetrics.

BatchMetrics is more than a software product; it’s a solution specifically designed for the flavor, fragrance, and beauty care industries. BatchMetrics is able to electronically integrate information from manufacturing environments and creative labs, exponentially improving efficiency. Instead of multiple layers that partially communicate with each other, BatchMetrics electronically connects the supplier, internal supply chain, and customer in one intuitive system.

BatchMetrics is not a reporting level; it is a fully integrating internal supply chain solution linking creation, regulatory and ERP. Its digital formulation controls and reports every touch- point from the time a batch is released to when it is shipped out the door.

How is BatchMetrics different from other software solutions? We are the only software suite that is specifically designed for the food, flavor, fragrance, and beauty care industries. As opposed to other software solutions that force customers to adapt to their pre-made programs, we customize our software for each customer in order to fit specific needs. Thus, we do not require our customers to adapt to our software. Rather, we adjust to adapt to each customers’ needs. We understand standard operating procedures and flow on the plant floor, as well as how to comply with the new Food Safety Modernization Act.


BatchMetrics is more than a software product; it’s a solution specifically designed for the flavor, fragrance, and beauty care industries.


The Foundation is a required module and is the 'database & foundation' to which all other modules connect. The foundation will include out-of-the-box configurable tools such as Resource Manager, Event Manager, Security Manager, and User Management tools.


BatchMetrics will handle all aspects of shipping and receiving including truck reports, sampling, document retention, Warehouse Management, goods movements/put-away, assemble containers and crates, pack goods to be shipped. The goal will be a well-optimized and integrated shipping and receiving department knowing all associated inbound and outbound activities.

Warehouse Manager

BatchMetrics will control and administer warehouse operations from the time goods or raw materials enter a warehouse until they move out. BatchMetrics WM is fully compatible with automated warehouses and AGVs.


A common problem in our industry is the complexity of scheduling thousands of ingredients, some of which require SOE into tens of thousands of recipes. Furthermore, this issue worsens due to its need to fit into a consistently changing schedule that experiences disruption, which continually forces reconsideration and revision of pre-established schedules. BatchMetrics Scheduler solves this problem with its Dynamic Scheduler tools, which assist in decision-making. The scheduler provides rules-based intelligence that can provide demand sub planning, split logic and real-time as well as future state visibility, this advanced set of tools greatly assists in preventing undesired downstream consequences.


Will provide an easy to use tool that will track all mixing activity that can optimize and eliminate the “mix well” vague requirements. The module allows for automated and fully manual work processes. In addition, the mixing module will be interlocked into Electronic Weight Control, HACCP/HARP-C and other compliance requirements.


This module tracks the state (clean/dirty) of all resources/equipment that need to be tracked. These resources are interlocked into production and will help prevent a batch from starting that is using equipment that has not been verified as clean.


Is a module that can help address the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards, from raw material production to procurement and handling. In doing so, BatchMetrics helps your company comply and provide documentation for the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, BRC, SQF, Prop 65, etc.

BatchMetrics Bridge

The BatchMetrics Bridge enables seamless integration between ERP systems (such as SAP), Inventory Systems, LIMS Systems, Robots, Creative System, Project Management Systems, HMIs, PLCs, Kardex, and Schedulers to BatchMetrics. The bridge has a full set of error checking and alarming tools for real-time visibility. The Bridge has a history of over 500,000,000 transactions and is configurable to many different data routing options including but not limited to XML, IDOCS, RFC and APIs.


The BatchMetrics Inventory module is designed specifically for the unique needs of the F&F Industry. This tool allows the user to view raw materials in all areas including Robots, Kardex and Pre-Picked materials. The Inventory module also provides containerization, cycle counting and barcoding.


The Planning module takes into account real-time data inputs to create forward-looking what-if scenarios aimed at identifying potential pitfalls prior to them taking place. Access to real-time data makes this module a valuable addition to traditional MRP protocols.

Electronic Weight Control

Initially designed in 1998 as a tool to electronically capture weights using a scanner and scale, the Production Workbench now covers almost all of the work requirements of compounders, whether in the lab or on the shop floor.

Pack Out with Component Verification

By integrating with ERP and scales, BatchMetrics provides traceability of process orders set for shipment, document printing and weight capture.


No longer will QC/LIMS be considered an island. QC/LIMS is designed to be an integrated module of the BatchMetrics Total Process Solution, providing visibility to the wealth of information in QC/LIMS, as well as velocity to the internal supply chain. Additionally, QC/LIMS is designed to be an enterprise-wide solution, allowing authorized users to deploy global changes. Five Certificates of Analysis are included with this project. Additional COAs can be generated by iniTECH/Lecron for $1,000 per COA.

BatchMetrics Portal

The web-based portal provides hundreds of reports and allows authorized employees the ability to see reports on all activities controlled by BatchMetrics. Information is in real-time and will have up t the minute information availible within a few mouse clicks. Some examples of reports but not limited to are batch status, bridge transactions, inventory issues, KPI’s, completed orders status, compounding statistics, etc. Part of the purpose of the Portal is to allow employees who are not directly working on manufacturing (i.e. customer service, purchasing, upper management) to view this pertinent information in real-time.