At iniTECH we are dedicated to help customers by developing, implementing, and supporting custom process automation and information integration solutions. IniTECH has been serving the Flavor and fragrance industry for more than 12 years with experience of over 150 man-years. We have a unique combination of Engineers, Consultants, and programmers with the in-depth knowledge required for successful completion of your automation challenge.
IniTECH customers have the biggest influence on its design, providing personalized solutions that fit the customer’s way of doing things which can include working within your existing infrastructure. We also offer a 2-day evaluation entirely free of cost. During which we talk to the workers and management, discovering the problems they typically encounter. We also tour the entire plant to see what processes can be enhanced or sped up. At the end of this 2-day evaluation, we deliver a presentation during which we present our findings, the data analysis and improvements. This has cemented iniTECH as the growing leader in plant optimization in the Flavor and Fragrance industry.

The iniTECH team has built up wide experience across the Flavor and Fragrance industry, enabling us to deliver solutions with functionality tailored to the way you do business, regulatory support, and incorporating best practices to improve productivity and profitability. Our ability to innovate and create engineering solutions for our customers is demonstrated by our continual success and repeat business with our customers.

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