Our team is excited to be involved with a project to engineer a satellite to be launched into space.

We will be able to measure temperature, humidity and the presence of volatile organic compounds. Our Ambasat Sprite-class satellite will be riding into space at rocket speeds onboard a NEPTUNE innovative modular launch vehicle produced by Interorbital Systems (IOS). Inside, our satellite will be jam packed and crammed tight into a luxuriously spacious CubeSat along with 199 addition Sprite-class satellites. Once in Low Earth Orbit, ground control will issue the ‘deploy’ command to jettison our poor 1 oz satellite into the dark void of space, allowing it to escape and social distant itself from its fellow cabin mates. With help only from Earth’s gravitational pull, our satellite will stay in position and in communication with the CUBsat mothership that transported it to this new altitude. The satellite is scheduled to be launched into orbit on Mar 15, 2021 and can be watched via this livestream:

This satellite will be launched in memory of our NASA loving friend and former Takasago programmer, Manual De Brito. 

Countdown to Launch!